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Grillaholics Grilling Accessories

The name says it all: Grillaholics. We're addicted to this stuff!

Why did we start Grillaholics?…well, because we have an addiction for grilling. They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery…who says we want to recover?

Okay…so maybe addiction is a strong word…let’s just say we’re extremely passionate about searing some meat on the grill.

Do you find yourself grilling regardless of the weather outside? Do you count the minutes until 5:00 pm on Friday so you can go home to put more dry-rub on the ribs you’re going to smoke all day Saturday? When you walk through the produce isle at the grocery store and see something you don’t recognize, is your first thought “I could grill that”? If you answered “Yes” to any of these things, you might be a Grillaholic.

Being the master grillmen that we are, our mission is to provide the finest grilling products for people like you.

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