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Top 5 Grilling Gifts For Men | Grillaholics

Top Grilling Gifts

Whether it’s your husband, brother, father, uncle, grandfather, friend, or your cousin Tommy (you know, the one with the lazy eye), it seems that nobody ever knows what kinds of gifts to buy for that special man in their life.  Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, an anniversary, or maybe even just because, Americans year-round are baffled when they sit down to try and figure out what gifts to buy for men.

Buying gifts for men doesn’t have to be a difficult decision! Men are extremely simple creatures (or at least that’s what my wife calls me all the time)! Men like sports.  Men like beer.  And most importantly, men like grilling. 

This year, instead of buying him that hotdog tie that, let’s be honest, he’ll probably never wear, get the man in your life a gift that he ACTUALLY wants.  The following is a list of Grillaholics approved gifts for men that are addicted to grilling.

1 – Grillaholics Bristle-Free Grill Brush 

Grilling is an art form, and just like a painter needs a fresh canvas, a man needs a clean grill in order to create barbecue masterpieces.  With the Grillaholics grill brush, not only will he cook like a grill master, he’ll feel like one too.  Made from heavy duty stainless steel and plastic, this grill brush is strong enough to handle any cleaning job.  And the best part?  The coiled, bristle-free brush head means that this brush is much safer than traditional grill brushes with dangerous bristles that can fall out onto you grill, and end up in your food.  With Grillholics Bristle-Free Grill Brush, you can keep your grill clean AND your family safe.  That’s a win-win.

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Grillaholics Bristle-Free Grill Brush

2 – Weber Charcoal Smoker

All men will agree that EVERYTHING tastes better on the grill.  The delicious char that the grill adds can make even the most boring of meats taste delicious (i.e. chicken).  But unfortunately, the grill is not always the tool for the job.  Those who are obsessed with barbecue will know that grills are perfect for foods that that are to be cooked hot and fast (burgers, steaks, etc.), but REAL barbecue (pulled pork, brisket, etc.) is made low and slow in a smoker.  This Weber Charcoal Smoker is the perfect tool to help round out your man’s grilling arsenal, guaranteeing he always has the right tool for the job.  After all, you wouldn’t expect a carpenter to only carry a hammer and no screwdriver.  Why should it be any different for your man and his grilling setup?

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Weber Charcoal Smoker

3 –BBQ Grill Set

Admit it, one of the first thoughts that crossed your mind when trying to figure out what gift to get the man in your life was a tool set.  It’s okay, we’ve all been there.  The amount of hammers, screwdrivers, etc. that I have sitting in my garage from all of tools sets I’ve received over the years is bordering on infinite.  Rather than getting your man a regular tool set that will likely just gather dust or be re-gifted shortly after, get your man a tool set like he’s never seen before: a barbecue tool set.  This beautiful set from Home-Complete comes with its own tool case (watch his eyes light up as he opens the case thinking he’s getting more screwdrivers but is instead greeted by premium grilling tools!), and contains all of the essential grilling tools that every grill master needs: a spatula, tongs, basting brush, grill brush, skewers, and corn on the cob holders. 

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BBQ Grill Set

4 – Himalayan Salt Slab

Who doesn’t love a good steak? Grilling purists everywhere will tell you that all you need to season a high quality steak with is some salt, and we couldn’t agree more.  With this Himalayan Salt Slab, everything you cook will be imbued with delicious flavor.  This particular salt slab is hand carved from Himalayan salt (epic!), and is the perfect accessory for any grilling enthusiast.  Simply place the salt slab on your grill grates and allow it to heat up, and then place whatever you want to cook on top of the slab.  Everything that you cook will be delicious, flavorful, and moist. Who doesn’t want that?

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Himalayan Salt Slab

5 – Interlocking Grill Grates 

The best part about grilling is the flavorful grill marks that you get on all of your food.  What if you could have thicker, more heavy duty grill grates that would lead to even better grill marks? Well now you can.  These Interlocking Grill Grates are placed directly on your current grill grates, and provide you with a more manly cooking surface for all of your food.  These grill grates are renowned for their perfect grill marks, and receive fantastic reviews from competitive barbecue grillers everywhere.  If you’re interested in getting more out of your barbecue grill, you’re going to be interested in these.

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Grill Grates

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