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Our meat claws are the perfect grill accessory for anyone who wants a convenient meat shredder for bbq, pork, or any other meat you want to shred. These shredder claws both lift and shred meat with ease. Unlike some heavy shredding claws, these meat claws aren't stainless steel. Stainless steel is not really rust proof, but rust "resistant," meaning the more you put it through the dishwasher, the greater the risk your meat claws will rust. Our meat claws are made from heavy-duty BPA-free plastic instead. That means our meat claws are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Lift and shred meat with ease using our meat shredder claws for your pork, beef, or other bbq needs. They're the best meat claws on the market, because they're both a meat shredder and a meat lifter. Not just shredding, but lifting and cutting, in other words, are the focus of these meat claws. You can even use the meat shredder claws to hold meat in place while you cut it, especially if the cut of beef, pork, bbq, or other meat you're dealing with is hard to hold or awkward to brace as you slice into it.

Pull BBQ Pork And Shred Meat With Ease

Want to pull bbq pork with ease? These meat claws are the perfect meat shredder claws for pulling meat simply and easily. Better yet, there's less mess and more control when you use our meat shredding claws to both brace the meat you're cutting AND pull it apart. Don't try to use your hands, and stop messing around with large forks and knives, when you can use our meat shredder claws instead. Shred any beef, pork, or other bbq meat with ease using our black or red, heavy-duty plastic meat claws. Always dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, our meat shredder claws put to shame competitors' grilling claws.

Save Time With Our Meat Shredder Claws

Without a doubt, the biggest thing you'll save when you use our meat shredder claws is TIME. Our meat claws make it possible to shred and pull bbq pork, beef, and other meat with ease and efficiency. It takes much less time to use these claws to prepare pulled pork, for example, than it would to use a knife and grill fork. And when you use our meat claws to brace the meat you're slicing with a knife, you have more control and the whole process is neater and safer. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing safely and cleanly. That's where our meat shredder claws come in. Our meat shredder grill claws are the perfect accessory for any dedicated grillaholic!

Pulling Apart Hot Smoked Meat Has Never Been This Easy

A lot of people enjoy pulled pork and other smoked meats, but these can be messy. That's also true of meat with bbq sauce and a variety of other grilled favorites. Well, it doesn't have to be hard to shred and pull meat. It never had to be... not as long as our Grillaholics meat claws are available. Get your meat claws today and see for yourself just how much easier it is to pull and shred meat when you have these meat shredder claws. And if you find yourself enjoying the meat shredding process a little too much, well... don't say we didn't warn you. It's not just easy and fast to shred meat with these meat claws; it's also a lot of fun. Plus, there's none of the mess associated with doing things the "hard way."

Meat Claws: Available In Black And Red

Our dishwasher-safe, BPA-free heavy-duty plastic meat claws will never rust or corrode. We offer them in black or red so they'll go with any grill, any kitchen, and any style. We want you to have fun... and after all, isn't that what grilling is all about? Grilling should be fun and enjoyable, but it should also be clean, neat, and efficient when you want it to be. That's where our meat claws can really help you. Not only do they speed up the process of pulling and shredding meat, but they make it much more enjoyable, much less messy, and much more controllable. That's the real benefit of our meat claws, honestly: The increased control you get when you really need to put the time in. Get a set of meat claws in black or red today!

What Separates Us From The Rest

Grillaholics believes you should get to experience the freedom of grilling as much as you want. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create some of the finest grilling accessories for people like you. Our grilling accessories, including our meat claws, are designed to make grilling easier so you can fire up your grill after a long day of work, ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. 

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