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Sous Vide Grilling: The Trick to Hitting Perfect Meat Temps on the Grill Every Time

Posted by Jake Eller on

Sous Vide Grilling: The Trick to Hitting Perfect Meat Temps on the Grill Every Time

Once upon a time, the sous vide method of cooking was limited to just those in the upper-echelons of the culinary industry.

The equipment was prohibitively expensive, and the knowledge of the technique was nothing short of a state-secret.

Now, though, sous vide machines can be had for under $100, and there’s no shortage of tutorials and how-to’s on the internet.

Sous vide machines are so simple to use now that they can even be controlled by an app on your phone!

For us, it’s a no-brainer. When it comes to steak, sous vide cooking is, by far, the most accurate way to hit your perfect temperature every time.
The sous vide (french for ‘under vacuum’) technique is fairly straightforward. 

The sous vide machine is set to a specific temperature, and keeps a water bath circulating at that temperature.

The protein (or vegetable!) is then vacuum sealed, and submerged in that gentle, but hot water bath. This slowly cooks your protein to the exact temperature specified -- no higher, and no lower.

Because the water stays at a constant temperature, it is extremely difficult to overcook your food when using the sous vide technique. Also, the lower temperatures used in sous vide cooking allow a longer time for the proteins to break down, resulting in a decidedly more tender cook.
In addition to cooking the protein accurately every time, sous vide also creates a perfect, even cook-through.

When cooking with traditional methods, the result is typically a bit of a gradient cook. The outside is browned, the immediate inside is well-done, and the steak is progressively more rare as you get to the very center. With sous vide cooking, we are able to achieve that perfect pink-red color all the way to the edge.
That said, the sous vide method doesn’t produce that beautiful maillard-reaction crust on the outside of your steak.

That’s where your grill-fu comes in!

Once your protein is done in the sous vide bath, fire up the grill and get the heat on high. Throw a quick sear on the outside of your steak, and call it a day.
It’s important to note that sous vide isn’t here to replace your grill.

Think of the technique as just another tool in your arsenal. When you absolutely have to hit that perfect temperature every time, sous vide is the way to go.
Sous vide and all, perhaps you’re still looking for some reinforcements. Or perhaps you’re just not ready to make the sous vide dive yet.

We get it, and we’ve got you covered. Rather, The Grillaholics Wireless Thermometer has you covered.

With ultra-accurate temperature sensors and wireless technology, our thermometer can be your secret weapon this summer, should you choose to table the sous vide method.
So there you have it!

For the perfect temps every time, we’d recommend a combination of the sous vide method and traditional grilling. You’ll be able to achieve beautifully even cooks with bullseye precision, and after a quick sear on the grill, you’ll have restaurant-quality steaks in the comfort of your own backyard.

Happy Sous Vide Grilling!