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Grilling On Thanksgiving

Posted by Josh Gilmore on

Grilling On Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is typically a day reserved for slaving over a hot stove with a house full of guests. However, as you juggle to cook a turkey and all of the many, many casseroles in your one tiny oven, you may be wondering just how you got here and why Thanksgiving isn't as fun as you had hoped. If you'd like to bring the joy of the holiday back, consider grilling a few dishes instead of staying in a stuffy kitchen all day.

Why Should You Grill on Thanksgiving?

There are many good reasons why you should grill – not just on Thanksgiving, but any day of the year. Here are just a few:

Fresh air is good for you.

Seriously, step outside for just a few moments and you'll understand. Now, imagine your home is full of friends and relatives. There are kids running through the halls and shrieking, older relatives who want to question your life decisions and generally no room for you to think, much less move. Now imagine stepping outside and getting away from all of that.

Meat tastes better on the grill.

It's just an undeniable fact. Whether you smoke it or grill it, all meat tastes better (and juicier!) when it's cooked outdoors.

There's more room to cook.

Most people only have a single oven. Some homeowners are lucky enough to have two. If you're cooking on Thanksgiving, though, you realize that even five ovens wouldn't be enough to keep everything warm for the big meal. If you move some of the biggest dishes outdoors, you free up tons of space for more food prep indoors.

Grilling Oudoors

What Should You Grill For The Thanksgiving Meal?

Now that the "why" is out of the way, let's move on to the "how." With your premium Grillaholics grilling accessories in hand, here are some of the easiest foods to grill or smoke for Thanksgiving.


You can cook any meat on a grill or smoker, including the essential Thanksgiving turkey. Smoked turkey has a delicious, juicy texture, and it's a cinch to prepare. You can also butterfly a whole turkey and slap it on the grill for a meat that's sure to impress your guests.


You can grill nearly any vegetable if you prepare it correctly. Here are some Thanksgiving classics you can prepare in a whole new way:

  • Potatoes: Simply wrap up whole potatoes for "baked" potatoes on the grill, or try this Twice-Baked Planked Potatoes recipe for something a little more fancy.
  • Green Beans: With a grill pan, you can even cook smaller veggies like green beans. Just season, grill and serve.
  • Sweet potatoes: You can serve up some sweet potatoes on the grill, too! Slice them up, season as desired, and cook until tender.
  • Stuffing: If you're really feeling adventurous, try cooking a delicious stuffing on the grill. Here's a great recipe for Grilled Stout Stuffing to get you going.

Anything Else

If you can think of it, you can probably grill it. Thanks to all the grilling accessories available these days, your grill can function as an additional oven or even a stovetop on Thanksgiving Day. So, take advantage of all that your grill has to offer, and kick back with a cold one as you serve up some delicious Thanksgiving food that would make the settlers of Plymouth Rock green with envy.

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