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Top Gifts For Men This Christmas

Posted by Josh Gilmore on

Top Gifts For Men This Christmas


Holiday shopping is never an easy task, but it's even more difficult when you're shopping for the men in your life - even if you're a guy yourself. Whether it's a father-in-law who buys everything he wants himself or a friend who only likes really expensive electronics, men are notoriously difficult when it comes to gift-giving. If you're struggling for ideas, here are some of the top gift categories for men this holiday season.

Tailgating Gear

Have an diehard football fan in the family? Any football fan, whether college or pro, always appreciates some new gear. You can buy something standard like a tee shirt or cap, or you can be a little more creative (how 'bout a car horn that plays the team's fight song?) Whatever you choose, this is an easy way to please any true football fanatic.

Here are just a few ideas that will make his next tailgate his best one yet:

Team Drawstring Bag

Drawstring BagWhat better way to hold all of your tailgating essentials while also showing off your team spirit than with a drawstring backpack! Bags come custom with each NFL team's logo and colors!

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Team Foldable Chairs

ChairSeating is essential for a successful tailgate, and with these NFL team folding chairs, you'll be able to sit down and sip on your beer while showing your allegiance to your team.

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Portable Grill

Portable GrillNo tailgate is complete without deliciously grilled food. Make all of your fellow tailgaters jealous by sending the wonderful smell of smoke through the air with this awesome portable grill!

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Stuffed Burger Press

Burger PressTailgates are great, but sometimes the food can get a bit boring.  After your hundredth tailgate of hotdogs and burgers, you might want a bit of variety in your life.  A Stuffed Burger Press is a great way to fill your burgers with awesome toppings like cheese, peppers, bacon, and even mac and cheese! Easiest way to the tastiest tailgate you've ever hosted.

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FootballWhat better way to pass the time at a tailgate than by throwing around the old pigskin? Make sure to get him one that is officially licensed by the NFL to make his dreams of being the next Dan Marino a reality.

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Tailgating Games

Beer PongWhile you're waiting for your team to take the field, you've gotta keep yourself entertained somehow.  With this portable beer pong table, you'll be able to show off your own athletic skills while waiting for the game to start.

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Grilling Accessories

Most men love to grill, but they may not have all the gear they need for it. Whether he's new to the past-time or a seasoned pro (pun intended), your guy will probably appreciate some fancy new grilling accessories. Consider buying a grill brush, tongs or a dry rub. Better yet, package a bunch of stuff together as a grilling kit! Hopefully, he'll use it all to make you an awesome steak as a "thank you."

Here are just a few gift ideas that are guaranteed to turn him from grill apprentice to grill master:

Grill Mats

Grill MatMany people haven't heard of grill mats, they're one of the most handy grilling accessories in existence! Grill mats are thin pieces of nonstick material that you put directly on your hot grill grates, allowing you to cook on the mats without risk of sticking, flare-ups, or losing small food between the grates.  They are a LIFE SAVER.

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Grill Brush

Grill BrushJust like a painter needs a fresh canvas, a grill master needs a clean grill in order to create true masterpieces.  In order to get weeks of pesky grime off of your grill grates, it's important to have a heavy duty grill brush that is designed to clean faster and better than any other.

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SmokerEvery great hero has a sidekick.  Batman needs Robin. Han Solo needs Chewbacca. And a true grill master knows that every grill needs a smoker.  Grills are perfect for cooking food quickly (like burgers and bratwursts), but for barbecue that needs to be made low and slow (like brisket or pulled pork), he needs a smoker.

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Smoker Box

Smoker BoxOkay, smokers can be expensive.  To get similar results as a smoker but on a gas or charcoal grill, a smoker box is a cheaper alternative to get delicious smoky flavor.  Just add your favorite flavor of wood chips, and put it directly on the grates, and in no time you'll be cooking with smoke!

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BBQ Spices

SpicesFrom one grill master to another, I can tell you that there's nothing better than experimenting with different flavors, rubs, sauces, and spices with your grilled food.  This awesome gift set comes with five different flavors, and makes the perfect gift for any Grillaholic!

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What guy doesn't love beer? Whether he's a standard Miller guy or loves to sample craft brews, any beer drinker will love unwrapping his favorite beverage for the holidays. If the guy is especially into beer, he may even appreciate some gear so he can brew his own at home. You could also consider signing him up for a "beer of the month" club subscription and have it delivered directly to his home. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Here are a few awesome gift ideas for the beer connoisseur in your life:

Stainless Steel Beer Holder

YetiThere's absolutely nothing worse than a warm beer, but with this awesome beer can holder, your beer will stay cold for up to three hours (even though we both know it will be gone in a few minutes).

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Beer Scented Soap

Beer SoapFor the man in your life who not only loves the taste of beer, but the smell of beer too!  From IPAs to Stouts to Ciders there are a ton of awesome scents to match his taste in beer.

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Bottle Opener Spatula

Beer OpenerGrilling and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly, and with this amazing grill set, you can combine those two beautiful worlds into one.  The spatula included in this grilling tool set means he can flip his burgers and crack open a cold one all in the same motion. That's a win-win if you ask us. 

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Craft Beer Homebrewing Kit

Beer BrewingLet's be honest, if men can do something DIY, they absolutely will.  For the man in your life with a more refined taste in beers, this craft beer making kit is the perfect opportunity to experience craft beer in a brand new way.

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Beer-Infused Hot Sauce

Hot SauceBeer and hot wings are staples of any man's diet, and with this beer infused hot sauce, he can fuse those delicious flavors together. With three different flavors in the set, he's sure to find one he loves.

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Outdoors DIY

Does your guy love to DIY? If so, the sky is the limit when it comes to gifts. Just hit your local home improvement store and pick up some cool new tools or project supplies. Most men love working with their hands, and giving a gift that gives them the opportunity to do so is a quick ticket to a successful Christmas!

Here are some of our favorite gifts that will  let them work with their hands while enjoying the great outdoors:

Tool Set

Tool SetIt's an extremely stereotypical gift, but it's because they always work! (Unless your guy already has 100 different tool sets). For some guys, no amount of tools is ever enough, so you can't go wrong with this classic.

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AxeBeyond being just plain badass, an axe is also practical.  There's nothing better than a nice fire on a cold winter month, and what better feeling than chopping the wood for that fire yourself.  With an awesome axe, that's now possible.

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Meat Temperature and Smoking Guide Magnets

MagnetsJust like asking for directions, most guys hate having to go to the internet to figure things out.  Most would rather figure things out themselves than have to type something into Google. These magnets (which make a great stocking stuffer!) give him all of the grilling information he could ever need at his fingertips.

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FlashlightFor the man who likes to spend so much time outside that the sun sometimes leaves him out there! It's important to have a heavy duty flashlight that won't let him down when he needs it most.

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Beard Care 

There is perhaps no greater test of manliness than the ability to grow a beard of epic proportions.  Even if your man doesn't have a beard, what better time to grow out a face sweater than during the naturally cold winter months that surround the Christmas season. But if he is going to try and grow out his mane, it's important that he's equipped with all of the essentials in beard care.

Here are a few awesome gifts to help him out with his beard growing journey:

Beard Oil

Beard OilThe key to a healthy beard is to keep it hydrated, and beard oils will mimic the natural oils that skin produces, while also giving his beard a pleasant scent that everyone involved can enjoy.  With a variety of scents to choose from, there's guaranteed to be one just for him.

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Beard Balm

Beard BalmIn addition to beard oil, beard balm works to keep beards hydrated, while also serving as a natural shaping agent to allow him to form his beard and to keep stray hairs under control. 

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Beard Brush

Beard BrushJust like the hair on your head, beard hairs should be brushed regularly.  Especially for short beards, beard brushes can keep hair healthy and straight, while removing dead skin cells from beneath the hairs, and encouraging growth.

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Beard Comb

Beard CombAs his beard and mustache get longer, a beard brush will no longer be able to keep hairs straight on their own.  For longer beards, a beard comb is often a better option, and wooden beard combs not only look stylish, but will keep his beard looking stylish too.

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Beard Growth Vitamins

Beard GrowthUnfortunately, not all men are born with the ability to grow a powerfully thick beard.  Though a lot of beard growth comes down to the genes that you are born with, beard growth vitamins are a great option to help beard hair grow in stronger and thicker.

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Beard Trimmer

Beard TrimmerGiant beards aren't for everyone, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.  A short beard, when styled correctly, can convey just as much manliness as a huge one. To make sure that styling and shaping his beard is simple, a beard trimmer is a must.

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Gift Cards 

When all else fails, you can fall back and the old reliable gift card. Sure, it's not original or heartfelt, but everyone appreciates having a little cash to spend. Contrary to popular belief, most men enjoy shopping - as long as it's for stuff they like. Once the holiday rush has died down, a gift card is a great excuse to get out of the house for a bit. Best of all, he can use it to buy something he really wanted but didn't get for the holidays.

Gift Card

Most importantly, don't stress over any gift this season. It really is the thought that counts, and any real man will appreciate you thinking of him this holiday season. Hopefully, this list will help you find the perfect gift so you can move onto more important things - like grilling up the perfect steak and kicking back with a cold one.