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The 7 Deadly Sins Of Grilling

Posted by Devin Dorosh on

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Grilling


We’ve all heard of them—The Seven Deadly Sins. The anti-virtues that wreak havoc in your life and destroy your grill. Yes. That’s what I said. These cardinal vices are slowly seeping into your grilling technique, but you have time to stop and repent before summer arrives.


You know that feeling when you open the lid and the chicken is golden, the steak is gleaming, and those burgers are nice and grill-marked? Maybe your chest swells up a bit? You’re so excited about a job well-done that you hurriedly take them off the grill and immediately put them on the table.

Well stop that.

When you take the meat off the grill, let it rest! It’s hot enough that it will continue to cook, continuing to tenderize the meat, while also absorbing more juice!


You see other people use fancy grill gadgets to get that perfect barbecue, but you’re thinking that it’s just too good to be true, or that maybe they won’t work the way the are claimed to. Here’s a helpful tip… JUST SPEND THE MONEY. It’s an investment for your tastebuds. If the first lumber jack didn’t think an axe would help him chop down a tree, the world would be a different place. Same goes for the grilling accessories. For starters, try out the Grillaholics Grill Mat, Burger Press, or Meat Claws!


Hangry. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is a combination of hunger and anger. So the higher the fire temperature, and the bigger the flames, the faster I can eat my steak, right?


Patience is key when you’re wanting to really enjoy your barbecue. When the flames are too hot, it ends up making your food taste sooty, and potentially burnt. Make sure to keep your fire lower and, to prevent flare-ups, try trimming the fat off the meat or choosing a leaner meat.


There’s family, friends, kids, and you! Everyone has to eat, and you want to fix all the food in a timely fashion. That’s why you put all the meat on the grill at the same time. And that’s when your burgers taste like hotdogs and the chicken is undercooked.

Save yourself the heartache and stick to grilling one meat at a time. Remember to clean the grate after each use to avoid cross-contamination!


Mouth watering. Hands trembling. Stomach aching. Grill smoking. You just want to eat the meat! (I’m only a little sorry for the pun). You’re opening and closing the lid so often to check and see if it’s ready, but that is where you are going wrong.

By opening and closing the lid so often, depending on your grill, you are either, (1) burning the meat, or (2) searing the meat. With a coal grill, opening the lid allows oxygen to reach the coals, which makes them burn hotter. By opening and closing the lid of a gas grill, it will cool down the grates and cause the meat to sear and cook slower. Just slow your role and wait until you both are ready.


You’re kicked back in the lawn chair, beer in hand, full belly, and the grill is cooling down with remnants of the table attached. This, my friends, is where you just need to suck it up and clean the grill while it’s hot. Remember, the meat will still cook after you take it off the grill. Use this time to clean the grates while they are still hot. It’s much easier to get the cooked-on residue off. A metal brush works best!


Too much sauce may be a hard concept for some to fathom. But let me tell you, as hard as it is to admit, too much sauce is actually a thing. Some may try and lather it on while the meat is cooking, but this only makes the sauce burn and turn acrid before it’s ready. As a result, the meat will taste bitter all night long and your guests are going to be scraping off the charred sauce, just to add new stuff. Save yourself some time and money, and just wait until about 5-10 minutes before taking it off the grill.

Now that you have read about the cardinal sins of grilling, you now know how to turn your life around and be saved by the almighty Grill. The trick is patience. All good things come to those who wait! Now, repent and be full!