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7 Perfect Grilling Gifts for Dad

Posted by Madeleine Bequette on

7 Perfect Grilling Gifts For Dad


Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re looking for that perfect gift for dad, we’ve got you covered. Stray away from the typical power tool set or dress tie this year and get him something he really wants. Investing in some grilling gifts for dad will allow him to enjoy what he does most, while securing your spot as the favorite.

1. BBQ Grill Mat

grill mat

Is your dad tired of his barbecue sticking or, even worse, losing his food too the grill? We’ve got your solution. Make an investment in a grill mat for dad this year! The grill mat is awesome because it not only cooks his meat evenly on all sides, but it also eliminates the headache of dropping his food between the cracks. Make the smart decision and get dad a bbq grill mat and save him the headache! Check out the grill mat in action on YouTube.

2. Grill Brush

grill brush

Every pro-griller out there needs a grill brush to clean off their masterpieces. A grill brush will keep his grill clean by getting into those hard to reach spots that he just cant get by himself. This essential tool will ensure that he can maintain his grill while keeping his barbecue A-1.

3. Meat Claws

meat claws

If your dad enjoys shredded pork and saving time, look no further to getting him some meat claws this June. The beauty of the meat claws, other than their unique design that make grilling so easy, is that they are so efficient and multipurpose. These claws can serve multiple uses in his kitchen; shredding his meat in less time, transporting hot foods without burning his hands, and tossing salads! Basically three gifts in one, you would definitely win at gift giving this year.

4. Stainless Steel Grilling Tools

Get your dad another set of tools this Father’s Day! Grillaholics has a 4-Piece Stainless Steel Grill Set that includes tongs, a barbecue meat fork, silicone basting brush, and grilling spatula that features a built-in bottle opener that’s perfect for tailgating and backyard parties. Hook your dad up, and make sure he has all the tools he needs to continue being a master griller for years to come.

5. Stuffed Burger Press

What could be better than a hunk of meat? How about a hunk of meat stuffed with more delicious meat? The stuffed burger press is the answer to all problems, and allows any man to achieve the holy grail of burgers. This handy grilling accessory will not only save dad time, but they will also allow him to experiment stuffing other delicious foods in his burgers! Sounds like heaven to us.

6. Grill Cover

A grill cover is an essential accessory for anyone, including dad, trying to keep their grill looking shiny and new. This would be a perfect gift to ensure the safety of his grill as the seasons change year-round.

7. Heat Resistant Gloves

When dad is in the zone reaching over a hot grill to make sure that each chicken breast is flipped and golden to perfection, he needs some grilling gloves so he doesn’t burn himself trying to get the perfect barbecue. We suggest that you get him some gloves that are a material that can give him flexibility in any task he wants to accomplish like grabbing tongs and picking up grill plates.

If you enjoyed this article, check out our post about Grilling Trends for 2016. To find the perfect Father’s Day grilling package for a special guy in your life, check out the Grillaholics Farther’s Day Grilling Package. Not only will he feel like King of the Grill, but he’ll look like one too!