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National Bratwurst Day

August 16th is National Bratwurst Day! Click here to learn more about one of America's favorite foods to grill!

How To Grill The Perfect Bratwurst | Grillaholics

Grilling juicy bratwursts doesn't have to be hard! Want to know the best way to prepare the perfect brats? Click here to find out how!

Steak Doneness

Whether you want your steak rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, or well done, out methods for checking doneness will guarantee that your steak is cooked perfectly every time!

How To Broil A Steak

Check out this step by step guide for broiling the perfect steak!

How To Pan Fry The Perfect Steak | Grillaholics

Pan frying a steak is a great way to prepare the steak, and it doesn't have to be difficult.  With this step by step tutorial, your steaks will be pan fried to perfection every time!

how to sear a steak

First things first, we need to clear the air about a couple concerns or myths that go hand in hand with searing a steak.  Myth #1:  You Need High Temperatures to Sear  This is probably the biggest lie in grilling! The appropriate temperature for searing a steak is 300°F to 500°F, anything above 500°F will completely dry out your meat, and leave you with burnt BBQ. No one wants that.  Myth #2: Searing Locks in All Juices  A lot of people think that searing their meat will lock in all...

How To Reverse Sear A Steak | Grillaholics

So you're getting ready for the big BBQ... you have all of your essentials, beer, steaks, seasonings (you know the deal). BUT, did you plan on HOW you're going to whip up your meat for your backyard shindig? Probably didn't give it much thought, but that's okay! If you're anything like me, you usually just stick to the normal grilling method when it comes to steak cuts, but today you're feeling spontaneous.  There are multiple methods to cook a steak, but reverse searing has so many benefits that it will enhance...

Reheating Brisket

Want your leftover brisket to taste just as good as it did straight off of the smoker? With these Grillaholics approved methods for reheating brisket, you can enjoy that perfectly juicy brisket for days!


Tired of business as usual? Kebabs are an awesome way to spice up your grilling experience, but they aren't always the easiest things to grill.  Check out these 5 tips to take your kebabs from boring to bomb!

Temperature Guide to Grilling Meats | Grillaholics

You're a smart guy, and you think you probably know when your meat "looks" done, but do you know the exact temperatures that would qualify them as perfect? Here's a breakdown of what steps you need to take to successfully grill any masterpiece you choose.  Beef & Pork favorite. There are so many different types and ways to grill your beef that the versatility in exciting its itself! You have the options of grilling ground beef, brisket, sirloin steaks, short loin steaks, short plate steak, flank steak, chuck steaks,...