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How To Make A Foil Smoke Ball

Posted by Madeleine Bequette on

How To Make A Foil Smoke Ball


Before we get into the specific steps on how to make a foil smoke ball, it's important that we know the in's and out's of smoking with wood chips. 

One of the most important pieces of advice I can give you is to NOT soak your wood chips! This method can cool the coals and be very counterproductive in your smoking process, and wet wood chips produce more steam than they do smoke. Dry wood chips will always smoke better, produce more smoke and overall is the better way to smoke with wood chips. 

Just don't soak your wood chips people!!

So this is where the foil smoke ball comes into effect... by eliminating the soaked wood chips and reducing the oxygen that gets to the chips, you will have a more productive, tasty smoking session. 

diy foil smoke ball

Step 1: Place Wood Chips on Aluminum

Tear a piece of 18x18 aluminum paper and place a handful of wood chips in the middle. In regards to the wood chips you use, feel free to use any chips you want your meat to taste like. To check out which woods are paired best with certain meats check this article out

After you place your wood chips in the middle, wrap the foil into a ball and make sure all sides are secure. 

Step 2: Poke Four Holes 

This part is really essential in order to allow for your smoke to ventilate and properly smoke your meat. Just take any knife and poke four holes on the top of your foil ball. 

Step 3: Place Ball on Fire

This is the easiest step! Just throw your new masterpiece on the fire. The foil will insulate the chips sufficiently from the fire to allow them to smoke and not burn up immediately. When the foil ball stops smoking, pull it out with tongs and add a fresh one. 

How simple is this?

Now that you have your smoke ball complete, it's time to test it out. Check out a couple of these recipes for smoking! Show everyone how much of a true Grillaholic you are! And if you are looking to be more of an advanced grill master, think about investing into a smoker box