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10 Signs You Have A Grilling Addiction

Posted by Madeleine Bequette on

10 Signs You Have A Grilling Addiction


Has anyone ever told you that you may have a grilling addiction? It has been said that acceptance is the first step in admitting you have a problem. Now, we here at Grillaholics have already admitted that we have an addiction, and we have compiled a list to help you recognize yours. Here are 10 steps that will help you make a self-diagnoses.

1) Lying About or Concealing Your Grilling

You may not even recognize that you’re doing it, but if you ever feel guilty about grilling or feel like you need to hide that fact, then you are definitely lying to yourself and others.

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2) Grilling to Relax or Feel Better

After a long day, nothing sounds better than you being alone with your grill. Maybe you don’t even have to be alone, but you know that turning on the grill will automatically relieve some of your stress.

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3) Blacking Out on a Regular Basis

This one may seem strange, but have you ever looked down at your plate and thought, “When did I grill this?” Or have you ever been elected as the Designated Grillman for the evening, and completely forgotten the rest of the night? My friend, you may have a problem.
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4) Can’t Stop Once You’ve Started

You decide to grill burgers for dinner. Great! You reach in the fridge for the ketchup and see a pack of hotdogs and think, “Oh, that would be good!” Next thing you know you’ve grabbed the fruits and vegetables and thrown them on the grill as well. Before you know it, you’re in a grilling frenzy and you can’t seem to put down the tongs.

5) Grilling in Dangerous Situations

Dangerous doesn’t have to mean that a volcano is erupting outside, but it does mean that conditions aren’t exactly good; but you can’t stay away. You have to grill. Even if it is the most inopportune time.

6) Neglecting Your Responsibilities

Reality of the situation; it’s actually been weeks since you’ve washed the car, vacuumed the carpets, or walked the dog. Not mere days like you thought. Grilling is beginning to consume all of your time and energy, and you’re slowly shirking your responsibilities.

7) Having Trouble in Your Relationships

Are you noticing that your loved ones are more put-out with you? Are you arguing more with them? This is a sign that your grilling could be more than a “problem.” It is starting to affect others now and not just you.

8) Being Able to Grill More Than You Used To

Your “skills” are developing and you are a grilling machine. You can grill more than you ever thought possible, but you don’t know whether to brag or be concerned.

9) Experiencing Withdrawals

Symptoms include anxiety, watery mouth, increased sense of smell, daydreaming, and twitching hands.

10) Trying to Quit but You Can’t

Have you ever promised yourself that you’re not going to grill for the next week, but you can’t ever quite seem to make it? You may not think it’s a big deal at the time, but not being able to go a week indicates a problem.

Here at Grillaholics Anonymous, we believe the true “fix” for any of these “grilling problems” is to just keep on grilling. There’s no reason you should deny your taste buds that kind of flavor. So go ahead and succumb to the grill!

To make your addictions easier to manage, (and possibly more appeasing to your loved ones) check out all of our grilling products and if you think you need to talk to someone, don’t hesitate to call our support line at 1-800-892-5579. (Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm).